Project: The Radio After Tomorrow

Presentation Prepping

At the moment we are in full preparation for the presentation next week. We are right in the process of writing a movie script, planning the filming schedule and adding the final touches to our Luna graphics.

We can assure you that this is going to be a rememberable presentation. See you in a week!


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Designing for safety

When designing a device for crisis communication, the most important attribute to take into account is acceptance from the public. The device is meant to bring safety, reliability and security, which mean that the users must feel comfortable with using it. When it comes to crisis communication, the radio is already accepted in society and according to our predictions, it will also continue as the main communication medium during crises in the future. For the project, this meant that our solution had to provide radio with the ability to reach out to everyone.

Since we believe that today’s generation will not have FM radio sets in their future homes, we had to make the device compulsory. But because it would be hard to force people to have a communication device at home, the radio had to be integrated into a mandatory device that was already accepted by the public.

After our creative process we ended up with a device we decided to call Luna (lat. moon). Luna is to be secure and reassuring, watching over the household from its place in the ceiling and the name was chosen to convey the same soothing and constant presence that the moon holds on the night sky.

During our presentation on the 9th of december, we will give you a closer look at what Luna can do and the value it holds for the Swedish population in a time of crisis.

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Project Plan

During dire straits information is of great essence. Both receiving information about what is causing the crisis, and communicating to the outside world how one’s situation is developing is of essence. What if the power grid goes down? What if all mobile communications goes down? In the future we won’t have set-top receivers for radio or TV. However, we will have some kind of radio receiver in our mobile devices.

Our scenario for our project:
Internet works as it does today, although it is faster and reaches further over the land
We are dependent on electricity even more than today
People do not have set-top radios in their homes
Digital radio is broadcasted and listened to through mobile devices. Both live and on-demand
Our mobile devices are even more advanced and “smart” than they are today
Better batteries (longer up-time)

Previously, radio played a big role in the dispersion of information during times of crisis. What role will radio play in the future?

Interviews with experts in the crisis area and radio communication: Henrik Olinder, SR, Smittskyddsinstitutet, Försvarsmakten, social media activists during the Arabic Spring
Literature study; previous studies in communication during crisis
Study the use of social media during crisis

Some kind of live performance

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