Project: Facebook and radio

It is time for social media to truly become social. It is time to start talking and stop typing!

The last big invention in the field of media, the Internet, seems to revolutionize people’s lives as much as the radio did in the past. Social media as one of the aspects of online society, affected and is continuously effecting the lifestyle of a big part of socities. The idea will be to include voice in the ordinary interaction of users in Facebook (as a showcase) and to enable them communicate in a more intimate way than before. The function of audio will bring some entertaining and some integrity not to mention more user-friendliness.

No matter what kind of social media, people always choose a simple and convenient way to show themselves. Messages become shorter, pictures replace long paragraphs and now voice can take over the hassle of captioning and updating by typing. Radio is also about sharing. Sharing a good or important story, sharing the music you love and get introduced to things and subjects you didn’t know you were interested in. So how could we used this new behavior that’s been created trough social media to embrace and improve the existence and the experience of radio?

The core idea of our project is quite simple, we want to add a new dimension to Facebook by integrating sound. But the outcome of that new dimension can be quite complicated. We don’t know what Facebook will look like in the future. It might turn into an operating system or maybe it would not continue as the social media conglomerate anymore. This is beyond the scope of our project to look into it, but we will use the look and feel of Facebook today to explain our vision.


The idea consists of multiple features with different magnitudes of visibilities and apparently the ability to set different sets of privacy for different features.

Shared broadcast

This feature will give users the ability users create their own content, which can be called as a personal podcast, right in Facebook, upload it and set the privacy to limit the listeners. This can be implemented into another form too. Every user could set up a station, which is linked to one of the online radio stations, or music services. The application will show who is listening to what. So the friends can listen to the same content via the user’s station. The station owner can fade-down the broadcast, comment on it and turn it up again, while other friends can comment back after his comment.

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Project Plan

The exploitation of radio over social media has not been done yet. One of the ways to boost the use and coverage of radio, expanding its reach and facilitate listening to radio while wandering in social networking sites would be to make a platform in which the synergy between radio and social networks can be realized. This exposes radio stations more than before and might help users to change their listening habit.

The project
This project has come to be about how to integrate the radio into the social networking site Facebook. Facebook is now one of the world’s largest and most frequently used social media with it’s 800 million users. This can of course come and change over the next 10-20 years. It is therefore important to look at our project as an example with Facebook as a basis.

The idea
One of the problems with radio is to promote your show. It’s pretty much about luck how people would find your show or not. Facebook have a very strong “word of mouth” impact on it’s users. Therefor would be a great tool for promoting your radio show. Whether you are a professional radio profile or just a radio amateur who just wants to be heard.

Our idea is to make a widget where you can broadcast yourself over Facebook. Using live streaming or podcast. As all other media forms on Facebook, it will be possible to “like”, share and comment on these radio shows, which will make a great spread. With the integration between Facebook and Spotify it would also be possible to play music in your show. There will be all kinds of different use for this widget. For example you can use it to tell story surrounding your uploaded photos.

Our goal is to show how this widget will be used in 10-20 years.

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